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Jim Mahler
October 2022
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Good day Removed and replaced the whole roof, removed and replaced seven skylights, removed and replaced complete gutter system. Great work … did have a couple of minor hick-ups … when you do a job this big a hick-up or two is expected. Just went through hurricane Ian … no leaks, no blown off shingles or ridge caps, gutter system worked as designed. Overall have to give them a rating of 100#. 1 3/4” nails make a positive difference. Previous roof replaced by another company with black trucks in 2017 only lasted three years. Shingles and ridge caps fell off on sunny days with no wind. Professional inspection found numerous code violations. It’s your choice now … who you gonna call!
Karen Larson
August 2022
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R&K was absolutely a joy to work with, we had storm damage and they basically took care of the entire thing, I called my insurance company and after that they did all the leg work. Our representative that did our estimate is Brandon and he has been an absolute pleasure to do business with, always answered any questions and explained everything thoroughly. Very professional. The crew that installed the roof worked 12 hours everyday and completed it in 3 days. And the entire office staff was helpful and efficient. Can't say enough good about this company. Highly recommend!
Dennis Lucas
September 2022
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Hands down, this is the most professional business we have ever used for home repair. The quality of the work was excellent and the customer service was exemplary. The staff actually answer the phone (unlike many businesses we have tried to reach) and when needed, return all calls promptly. Austin, our representative, was prompt, courteous and a true pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend this business more!
Donald Biggers
February 2022
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Andrew came and removed attic insulation that was blocking my soffits. After he was done the attic “breathed” once again. He was very professional and hard-working. I have a lot of confidence in R&K Roofing. I highly recommend their services. In fact, I am ready to have my roof replaced by them now and have an appointment set with Brandon. Plus, they use the #1 rated shingles according to Google. They use Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles. They are a top notch roofing company!
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About Us

Dependable Roofers Palm Coast

For over 35 years, R&K Certified Roofing of Florida, Inc has been offering highly professional roof repair, maintenance, leak repair, and gutter replacement for area homes. As expert roofers in Palm Coast, we specialize in insurance claims, roof replacements, and new construction.

The company headquartered in Bunnell, FL is not only popular for its quality services but also its competitive and fair pricing structure. We have teams of competent and trained roofers in Palm Coast who place your roof in the best condition without compromising quality. We’re also committed to our community, own our building and frequently invest in area charities, churches and local activities.

Whether there are minor repairs or your roof needs a full replacement, rely on local roofing contractors with roots in Bunnell, FL to get the best services in town.

Roofing Palm Coast FL

Looking for a Reliable Palm Coast Roofing Company near you?

R&K Roofing has been providing dependable residential roof repair, maintenance, and replacements in the Central FL area to help you keep your roof and home in the best shape.

Living and working in the Palm Coast FL area for over three decades gives us a greater knowledge of how the area experiences strong winds and heavy rainfall which can often cause a lot of trouble to residential properties. The harsher coastal climate can have a more damaging impact on siding and windows but roofs can also be greatly impacted.

If you live in Flagler County or Volusia County, you know that weather conditions can affect the durability of your roof. It is especially true if you live in an old-constructed home with an older roof. When you suspect damage or deterioration, contact the assistance of professional Palm Coast roofing services with certified and licensed roofers.

Local = We will be here if an issue ever occurs

Premium Services

Excellent Flagler Beach Roofing Service

R&K Roofing excels at providing a broad range of residential services for all of your Flagler Beach roofing needs. We believe in offering premium services to repair or replace roofs with confidence. Our dedicated team of roofing experts uses state-of-the-art materials and methods to restore your roof’s integrity.

At R&K Roofing, our teams are highly trained and qualified professionals that are capable of providing reliable solutions for your residential roofing needs! We take your home and concerns seriously, which positions us as the most trusted Flagler Beach roofing contractor around.

Whether you live in Flagler County, Volusia County, or reside in Duvall County, R&K roofing in Florida is one of the most sought-after roofing contractors. We are known for offering exceptional services and workmanship for residential roof installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Our mission is to help our customers by providing a premium quality roofing service at the best possible price. No matter how damaged or old your roof is, we have experienced and qualified roofers to solve your long list of roofing Palm Coast FL needs.

Our expert Palm Coast roofing teams understand what residents require to make their home perfect with the roof that suits it the best. They know how vital role a roof can play when it comes to making you feel safe and protected and we also understand that the right roof material and color can really set your house apart.

roofing in st augustine

Are you still unsure about installing or replacing your roof? Or whether you should choose a metal or shingle roof? Count on the expertise of R&K roofers to guide you and to handle it all! We want to be your first choice Palm Coast Roofing Company.

We are passionate about offering homeowners what they’re looking for. It is the quality, affordability, and expert workmanship that set us apart from other roofers plus our long-standing residency in Bunnell, FL that give our customers confidence that we will be around to take care of them.  Our high-quality craft and commitment to our work really make us stand out when roofing Palm Coast FL or surrounding areas.

Our full range of services at R&K Roofing

R&K Roofing provides our customers the highest quality service, at affordable rates. We have pulled thousands of permits in Flagler County alone, which means you can rest assured that your home or business is in good hands.

Thorough Roof Inspection

Professional Roof Installation

Reliable Roof Replacement

Dependable Roof Maintenance

Quick Roof Repairs

Fair-Priced Roofer in St Augustine for Repair and Maintenance

If you think changing weather doesn’t affect the health of your roof, you might be mistaken. The roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home, and it experiences a lot of wear and tear. It may suffer a host of minor damages, holes, and cracks that can lead to costlier problems if not treated on time. Contact our roof inspection and repair service team to detect problems that your roof might be experiencing. Our experienced roof inspection and repair experts offer FREE roof inspection services and estimates. Our experts can oftentimes not only fix the problem but also make sure that your roof remains in perfect condition.

We are the best St Augustine Roofing Company catering to the needs of all our clients. Our professional roof repair experts know the challenges many residents and homeowners experience when installing, repairing, or replacing roofs. At R&K Roofing, we strive to balance competitively priced, budget-friendly services to our homeowners with a superior level of professional service. Whether your needs are to repair a shingle roof or a metal roof, we will work to find a solution that meets your budget.

Aside from flat, metal, and shingle materials, an array of additional items, including labor, flashing, fasteners, and ventilation, can make the entire roofing process costly. That is why you must make sure that you choose the expert roofer in St Augustine who is reliable, professional, and can estimate your roof accurately.

Need Financing?

We offer 100% financing for your roof for qualified individual.  Don’t let your credit keep you from getting that new roof, our teams are standing by to approve you, often in the same day!

Professional Experts

Trustworthy Roof Maintenance from the Best St. Augustine Roofing Company

Having your roof checked by our professional maintenance experts is a great way to improve its lifespan. Our trained professionals can spot not only existing problems that your roof may have, but we can often alert you to potential issues to plan for in the future. A thorough inspection of the roof allows our team to catch even the minor issue in time and fix it right away.

Our St Augustine Roofing services extend over to Vilano Beach, where our specialized roof repair teams are often active due to the coastal winds. Our teams have the right set of skills to repair and protect your property from costly damages throughout the year. At R&K, our pro roofers know that spotting the problems in your roof in time can help you cut down on both expenses and the effort that a roof repair will take in the future.

Whether your roof requires partial replacement or minor repairs, catching the issues timely is important to avoid costly fixes. Thanks to reliable experts of roofing in St Augustine, we can offer you timely solutions for all types of roof conditions to prevent damage. 

Still unsure why you need a roofing professional in Florida? Get in touch with our competent roofers to discuss your roof’s condition and make a plan to fix it right away.

Roofing in St Augustine FL

reputed roof repair company

Only a reputed roof repair company can help homeowners keep roof repairs at bay. It is because of our trained professionals who have wealth of experience and knowledge in the relevant field that we can offer this valued service. Our professionals even have contingency plans when it comes to dealing with cracks and punctures, leaking roofs, gutters, and damaged shingles.

When you hire our reputed St Augustine Roofing Company, we typically will inspect the roof to find the underlying causes of leaks or storm damage. Upon determining the problem, a reliable roof service like ours offers solutions that can put you in the dry and often increase the life of your roof.

Whether it is erosion on the surface, splitting, blistering, cracks, or shrinkage, our experts know how to mitigate these damages. Our competent roofing teams in FL work to make the entire roofing project an easy-going, hassle-free, pleasant, and friendly process.

Our St Augustine roofing experts begin by evaluating the existing condition of the roof to create an effective and comprehensive action plan for dealing with the issues you’re having. We meet with our clients and visit the location to develop an in-depth understanding of the client’s roofing requirements.

It is also a helpful strategy to get clients comfortable with our roofers. Meeting with the clients allows our roofers to perform a thorough analysis of the home and roof condition. We specialize in fair treatment; professional service and competitive pricing regardless of the amount of work you hire us for.

We are the only roofer in St Augustine that excels at offering expert assistance to meet all your roofing needs. With the highest quality materials and equipment such as power nailing guns, our roofers reduce the amount of time to complete the work and get your home back to normal.

At R&K Roofing, we also take extra care to protect existing landscape plantings and other aspects of your homes exterior so that it looks as good or better than before we arrived.

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Local Roofing in St Augustine Services Near Me
R&K Roofing is your best choice for roof replacement

You don’t opt for roofing replacement daily. It is a costly investment that requires you to consider certain aspects. And replacement cost is surely an important one. R&K Roofing service is your go-to partner when it comes to making an informed decision regarding roof replacement. We can guide you on pros and cons of different roof solutions.

Get in touch with our qualified St Augustine roofing experts to discuss your roof to see if it needs replacement or if storm damage has occurred, we can even help with insurance claims.

Count on our professional roofers to recommend a roofing system that fits your needs best and provides you with safe shelter for a long time. Protecting your home’s value and your safety is a top priority of our and why we ensure adhering to the quality standards to provide you with the best results.

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Choosing a Daytona Beach Roofer for the Best Roofing Services

We are one of the most reputable roofing companies in Daytona Beach, locally owned, insured and licensed roofing experts.

R&K Roofing is a pioneer in the domain of roofing. Our expertise is unparalleled when it comes to providing services to repair roof leaks, fix gutters, and replaces shingles, flat, and metal roofs in Daytona Beach. From installing a new roof to repairing major defects, we have customized solutions for your roofing needs.

If you have no experience in roof repair or maintenance, we have you covered. Our professional roofers are the part of our company for more than 30 years and have the right set of skills to help you choose the perfect roof among the variety of premium quality options.

Whether you prefer architectural shingles, or metal roofs, or want sturdy tile roofing, we have the BEST roofing solution for your needs.

Being proactive with your inspections and repairs is the best approach to handle wind damage. For more information on Signs of Wind Damage in Your Roofing Palm Coast, see our post Did High Winds Damage Your Roof? Look for These Signs of Wind Damage.

Homeowners have a bit to say

They trust us

Homeowners in Ormond Beach and Port Orange trust R&K because we:

Contact us today to find out more about our Daytona Beach roofing company!

Locally Owned | Insured | Licensed

One-Stop Residential Roofing Replacement with a Trusted Daytona Beach Roofing Company

Roofing repair can become a hassle and stressful if you’ve recently experienced a storm. It is one of the home improvement jobs that likely you cannot fix yourself. So when you need to the services of a roofing professional such as R&K Roofing, we are here offering the professional roofing Daytona Beach FL residents need. Our skilled roofing specialists at R&K know that the roof is sometimes the lowest priority when it comes to renovating a home for many homeowners. But delaying your roof replacement may lead to other problems, which can be expensive and time-consuming. For a free inspection, contact our roofing team today.

Storms with high winds can cause a lot of issues for your roof. If you’re a resident of the areas such as Port Orange that have unpredictable weather conditions, it is high time to inspect your home’s first defense system against the elements.

Our roofing experts can inspect your roof and help you determine your roof’s repair requirements.

Often times storms will cause enough damage to have your replacement covered by your insurance.  We’d love to help you with your insurance claims as we take pride in serving homeowners which helps us to be consistently considered as the top locally-owned contractor in central Florida. Our committed and diligent team is professional, friendly and adept in using the latest roofing repair techniques and hi-tech advanced solutions.

Hiring experts like R&K for your roofing repairs means your roof is in safe and expert hands. Our experienced contractors make sure that you only get quick, practical, timely, and cost-efficient solutions from our roofers. Whether it is commercial roofing construction or industrial roofing, no project is small for us.

With a reliable Daytona Beach roofing company like R&K, you get nothing but the best solution for your roofing problems!

roofing st augustine fl

Not sure why you should hire or contact our roofing specialists?

When roofing Daytona Beach FL, we recommend you seek the assistance of licensed roof technicians to fix your issues. Take a look at these types of roof damages to understand your roof condition to seek out the help of our roofing repair professionals.

roofing companies st augustine fl

Cracks and Puncture

Cracks and punctures can allow moisture and rain to enter your home. Poor installation and maintenance is the major reason why your roof develops cracks and punctures. A roofs age is will be a huge catalyst for roof cracks but heat is also a culprit in causing pre-mature aging and cracking. Punctures can occur from trees and we’ve even seen bullet holes in roofs, if it falls from the sky it can puncture your roof.

roofing companies st Augustine, fl

Moisture Damage

Unmitigated moisture can penetrate your roof around chimneys, skylights and eaves which is not good for the health of your roof. Such penetrations can cause your roof heavy damage which may lead to the breakdown of underlayments, sealants, flashings, trim, and other items; moisture can also cause severe roof damage and decay and invites a host of insects and pests to your roof.

roofing contractors st augustine fl

Broken Shingles

Shingles have a limited life span; especially if their installation and maintenance isn’t proper or they are subjected to strong storms. Manufacturing defects, improperly installed flashings, hail, rocks, or other foreign objects can all affect the strength and longevity of the roof. You need to hire a professional roofer to fix the issue to avoid any major damage.

R&K Roof Repair Service

Your Best Option among Roofing Companies in Daytona Beach

Thanks to a reliable roof repair service team, R&K Roofing has competent personnel to help homeowners not only maintain their roofs but also increase their lifespan. As a dependable Daytona Beach Roofer, we can help you fix the following roof damages:

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You need to quickly fix the damage to your roof due to leaks to avoid further damage to the structure and interior. Our roofing experts provide free estimates and a warranty + we can offer 100% financing to fix your leak issues without any delay.

Coastal storms can vary widely from hurricanes, to tornadoes, high winds and hail.  Make sure to have your roof inspected after such storms as they can really cause a lot of damage.  We have seen tree limbs penetrate roofs, high winds remove large sections of shingles and large hail really beat up a roof.  Contact the R&K Team to discuss your inspection.

Why Use A Professional Roofing Daytona Beach FL Service?

There are tons of Roofing companies in Daytona Beach that claim to help homeowners keep roof repair costs at bay. However, only a few of them offer what they claim and fewer are licensed and properly insured. You can rely on the expertise of R&K Roofing FL as we have professionals with the best knowledge and experience in the roofing field plus maintain all required insurances and licensing requirements.

R&K Roofing Volusia County

Your Expert Contractor in FL

Have your roof replaced in Volusia County by trained and experienced roofers. At R&K, we have in-depth knowledge and skills to deal with all types of residential roofing systems. Shingle, metal, flat roofs are just some of the oof systems that we work with.

We can help you select the best roof material, color and overall system for your home. Our expert roofing teams have completed trainings and aware of the common problems that affect homeowners in Volusia County.   Locally owned and operated, the R&K team is here when you need us.

Understanding Your Residential Roof with Your Roofing Contractors Volusia County

R&K Roofing has highly-trained and skilled roofers who understand all aspects of a residential roof. We offer free estimates, can finance 100% of your roof replacement and complete your project in a timely manner all while giving you a high level of customer service.

The materials used in residential roofing vary in terms of cost, type, and longevity. Our teams can install skylights, roof ventilation, fascia, replace rotting wood and more; contact our professional roofing Volusia County experts, we take into account everything when installing and repairing your residential roofing.

Our roofing contractors Volusia county teams are working every day in Volusia County to fix leaks, replace roofs, and repair storm damage items. Most of the damages we deal with include the following;

Many homeowners complain about missing granules from the surface of shingles after a heavy hail storm. The granule’s main function is to protect the inner layers of the shingles from the sunlight and the elements. Hail can damage or break shingles by removing granules and make the roof more vulnerable to decay and rain.

Wind or gale potentially damages roof materials by lifting them from the surface or removing them entirely.   When a shingle is lifted, it will often tear causing a place for water penetration or premature deterioration of the shingle themselves or the underlayment. If your home experiences high winds, it may remove shingles and lead to pricey repairs to your residential roofing. A thorough inspection of your roof is essential to keep your residential roof healthy and safe.

Protecting residential roofs from adverse weather conditions is really difficult being that it is fully exposed to the elements.  As a homeowner, its good to know that anything from heavy rains, hail, trees and even humidity can gradually damage or deteriorate the roof.

If your area frequently experiences storms, our roofing contractors in Volusia County can help you prevent the damages.

Regular inspection along with proper maintenance is MUST if you want to avoid hefty repairs. Even if your roof has small leaks or stains, call a specialized roofing service at R&K to evaluate the damage.

Professional Services Offered for Residential Roofing Port Orange

Roof repair, maintenance, or replacement often seems time-consuming. However, failing to address these issues timely may lead to several potential problems including leaks and other damages. Expert Roofing Port Orange service such as R&K is your solution to all roof-related issues.

We provide impeccable residential roofing services in the coastal area of central Florida. With reliable roofers like us, you don’t have to worry about the health, appearance, and life of your roof. R&K is your go-to solution for;

roofing port orange fl

Roof Storm
Damage Repair

roofing port orange


port orange roofing


roofing contractors port orange fl


roofing companies in port orange fl


roofing port orange fl


roofing port orange


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in construction

R&K Roofing specializes in almost all aspects of residential roofing systems. We have helped hundreds of homeowners with repairs, replacement, and restoration projects.

Our team of expert roofers offers reliable and quality residential roofing that comes with a long-term warranty and even 100% financing.  Being a local roofing company for over 15 years makes us one of the most stable and reliable roofing companies in the area, and that gives you more confidence that we will be around when you have a warranty or roofing issue that needs to be addressed.  And if you have related construction issues we can handle those too.

No matter how extensive your roof repair task is; trust in R&K’s Roofing Port Orange service for expert diagnosis and solutions to the repairs and restoration.


What Makes R&K Stand Out

Offering the best Port Orange roofing is much more than just being able to perform the work.  Our people are friendly, professional and bring a high level of customer service to you that other companies just can match up to.   We take pride in our work and care about our reputation and that makes us one of Florida’s roofing communities best.

We work closely with you to coordinate when it is best to complete your roofing installation and care about protecting your property.  You can trust R&K to treat your home like ours.

Generally, our Port Orange roofing contractors work during normal business hours, however, we can extend our working hours depending on an emergency priority.  Call us when trouble strikes your home.

Reliable Gutter Installation in the East Central Florida Market

If your home has a damaged gutter, it can cause further damage. R&K Roofing understands this and we have gutter crews available to fix your problems!

We know how important is to install, clean, and maintain gutters for residential homes. As the most reliable roofing company in Bunnell, Florida, we specialize in providing top-notch drainage systems and rain control solutions.

We work with a team of exceptional staff that specializes in everything from gutter repairs to full gutter replacements.

Regardless of the shape, type, or size of the gutter you need for your home, we can provide a solution for you. We ensure that your home has properly installed gutters to keep your roof drainage system working seamlessly all the way to the ground. Professionals at R&K can help you choose the gutter that fits the needs and aesthetics of your home.   

roofing companies in port orange fl

Hire R&K’s Roofing for the best:

Installing proper gutters is extremely important and will have a myriad of benefits including mitigating erosion control and preventing water from penetrating your home at the foundation level.  Water under your home can cause a variety of issues from mold, structural settlement and even upheaval in colder climates.   Let R&K prevent these issues by installing a new gutter system today.

Certified and Licensed

Our Port Orange roofing contractors are certified and licensed to provide professional roofing repairs and replacement services. We are a family-owned business that has been a part of the roofing community for three generations. Our customers trust us for fair and transparent services when it comes to selecting the right and most suitable roofing solutions.

All you need is to get in touch with our roofing pros to find a fast and reliable solution to your roofing problem.

About Us

one of the Most desirable and dependable roofing services in Florida

We are a locally owned business, licensed and are a certified roofing contractor in Florida.  We offer competitive pricing, warranties and even 100% financing. With unmatchable commitment and diligence to serve the community, R&K Roofing has become the number 1 choice of homeowners in not only Flagler County, Volusia County, but also in Duvall County, and St John’s County.

We ensure assisting our clients throughout the roof repair and replacement process to meet their roofing needs.

Having a Storm in your area?

Download our guide on how you can prepare your home and property in reducing the damage brought about by a storm.